Assisted Living Facility for Alzheimers and Dementia Residential Care

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    Residental Assisted Living Senior Care

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    Engaging & Creative Memory Care Activities

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    Interactive Outdoor Group Activities

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    Balanced, Nutritious & Healthy Meals

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    Wellness Exercises & Memory Activities

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    Celebrating Life's Golden Moments Together!

Alzheimers and Dementia Senior Care Assisted Living Facility

Outdoor Dining at Golden Moments Care Home in Sacramento, CA 95825.

Welcome to the Golden Moments Website!

The Golden Moments Care Facility is a Local Sacramento 6-Bed Senior Assisted Living Residential Care Home supporting Memory Care for mild to moderate Alzheimer and Dementia Elderly Citizens encouraging a lifestyle of assisted independence, activity and joy.

Golden Moments fosters a safe, positive and caring alternative to in-home care, nursing home care and/or commercialized assisted living care. Our program and environment is designed to assist Seniors to remain mentally and physically active, reduce isolation, and prevent conditional decline of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We pride ourselves in giving our special care Residents a quality, active and enriched lifestyle, by loving and nourishing the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each of our Residents and their families.

An Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is a new way of life that should be fun, exciting and adventuresome. It simply means your loved one is in need of extra care and help with his/her daily routine. This new beginning takes place with a highly trained care giving team who understands the need for a smooth and comfortable transition.

Energy, enthusiasm, companionship, and creativity are blended each and every day at Golden Moments. Activities of all types are very important to nurture the mind and body and promote ongoing strength in all aspects of one’s health.

The variety of activities in our day program helps facilitate regular communication to enhance both cognitive wellness and the innate need of socialization.

All Residents remain in the living areas of the home throughout each day and are routinely encouraged to express and share their inner passions, in both one-on-one settings and group settings.

Celebrating Life's Golden Moments Together is Our Passion!

The name "Golden Moments" came to me while caring for my mother, as there were days when there was not much conversation, and then there would be those wonderful moments of clarity for mom and she would giggle, or smile, give me a wink, or say something profound. We really enjoyed her moments of independence as well, and on some occasions, out of the blue, she would tell me she loves me and thank me for caring for her. These moments were celebrated and given attention to for as long as they would last, hence "Golden Moments".

Diverse Entertainment

Diverse Entertainment

We offer our Residents a variety of engaging home entertainment opportunities to ensure fun and smiles are a part of every day. → read more

Friends and Family Always Welcome

Friend's and Family

We are pleased to have our Resident's family participate in all social activities. We have an open door policy so your welcome to visit anytime.→ read more

Activities for the Mind and Body

Activities for the Mind and Body

In addition to nutritious meals we provide guided exercise, geriatric massage, and activities designed to enhance cognition and socialization.→ read more

At Golden Moments, our Residents become part of our extended family. Taking care of family is a passion that grows deep within my heart and reinforces the value of my own personal experiences and challenges caring for both of my parents through their battles with dementia. After much struggle and strife with different levels of care and various professionals, I became determined to create a community of families like mine. We needed a home in which the quality of care is never substandard and not just standard, but individualized in a way to take the battle out of a life with dementia and make room for the celebration of each moment.

From my past experience in working with in-home caregivers in the care of my mother, I have expanded and developed a checks and balances system, utilizing a check off list on individual Resident Daily Care Notes. For the monitoring of hydration, toileting every 2 hours, nutritional intake, exercise and stretching, singing, playing games, arts & crafts, and including one-on-one care for each resident by all caregivers throughout their shifts.

Families benefit from knowing exactly what activities their loved one is participating in throughout the day, in addition to the overall health and welfare monitoring, oftentimes they learn that their loved one enjoys an activity they once thought they would never ever participate in.

I know first hand what a difficult decision it is to move your loved one, but I know that our home is just that… a home. That is why my own mother is residing at Golden Moments Care Home. I know this is where she will be given opportunities I alone could not provide. Come see the Golden Moments difference, where your family’s life can be a celebration. It would be my honor and privilege to create and celebrate life’s Golden Moments with your loved one. — Denise Walker (Licensee)

What Our Clients Say ...

Golden Memories Care Home at

Ken & Linda Brown

  My Dad came to live at Golden Moments after having been in two other types of care facilities that proved unsatisfactory. Our family has been very pleased with the care, attention, and respect that Dad receives here at Golden Moments.

Kristina Kimiko Ishihara, MD

  I have a patient who has been residing and receiving care at Golden Moments Care Home. She has received excellent and conscientious care and I believe she has done better there than when she was living at home with a Caregiver.