Our Caregivers

Compassionate Memory Loss Care

The Golden Moments Care Team believes in making every moment golden by providing the optimum degree of individualized care and fostering a home environment of activity and celebration within both group and individual activities. While preserving dignity and encouraging independence, we will actively work with the whole family to identify the most appropriate plan of care that will tap into lifelong hobbies and interests, while allowing a flexibility in approach to change as likes and dislikes change.

Families are often very impressed by the difference our care team can make in a Resident’s life, and regularly comment on their surprise at mom or dad’s more positive outlook and favorable cognitive changes since coming to stay with us. Some Residents have come to us by wheelchair, with pressure sores, dehydrated, malnourished and weak from lack of movement. We make every effort to help our Residents get back to optimal wellness and resume a life of health, quality, and vitality.


Denise Walker—President

My Journey Discovering Life’s Golden Moments

My experience with the elderly begins with my step-father, from 1998 to August 24, 2002, I was a court appointed Conservator for him. My responsibilities include, but were not limited to; Estate Management, Health Care Management, as well as, monitoring of emotional and cognitive needs. My step-father, diagnosed with dementia, lived in an Assisted Living Facility (38-40 bed), where unbeknownst to me the care was standard, but not quality or individualized. He was in and out of the hospital, due to numerous falls, urinary tract infections, dehydration, pneumonia and being over medicated. The responsibilities and concerns had became a full-time job. It was necessary to request his care team to understand that regardless of his dementia diagnosis, it is required they regard him as a gentleman and treat him with respect and dignity. Simple things such as a smile, warm approach, saying hello, informing him of a procedure to be done, as well as, explain what’s being done, were often overlooked. Then I discovered a warm and healing environment at a small six-bed care home, where my step-father lived for two years longer than expected. In 2001, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Due to my past experiences with larger facilities, it was an easy decision to care for my mom at home. She is very healthy and has been at home with me and my husband for the last 12 years.

I have attended numerous support group training and counseling sessions in my capacity as a family caregiver, and have been involved in planning and facilitating such resources for the community. Acting as a Substitute Facilitator for a Caregiver Support Group at a local Alzheimer’s organization. Providing coaching and support for caregivers and families with the emphasis on assisting families to learn new approaches and communication techniques to achieve a more enjoyable and positive approach to their individual real life situation with their loved one. At times acting as an elder advocate in achieving appropriate care of family’s loved ones in various care environments.

The name "Golden Moments" came to me while caring for my mother, as there were days when there was not much conversation, and then there would be those wonderful moments of clarity for mom and she would giggle, or smile, give me a wink, or say something profound. We really enjoyed her moments of independence as well, and on some occasions, out of the blue, she would tell me she loves me and thank me for caring for her. These moments were celebrated and given attention to for as long as they would last, hence "Golden Moments". I adore my mother and all of my Residents, they all touch my heart with their special ways, and they are so loving and appreciative of the care and attention we provide.

Golden Moments Care Home is a place to come and really live and thrive. We strive to make the day fun and engaging for each resident. Of course we are fanatical about making sure all of the care is provided to the optimum level, with ongoing monitoring of medical and condition changes, medication management, research on conditions, and nutrition and hydration as well. We truly pamper our residents, as they should be.. They have lived a long life and should be given every opportunity to express themselves, to be loved and cared for completely, and to be where their life is celebrated just for being themselves and the unique person they are.

Kelly Conley—Administrator

I became familiar with the Golden Moments Care Home when I realized that I lived just two houses over. On several occasions I had seen and met some of the GMCH Staff and Residents who were out on walks in the neighborhood. Upon visiting the GMCH I was very impressed with the activities the Staff provided the Residents, and it did not take long for me to realize that while this was a great opportunity for employment in a field that I was interested in, it was more than just a work environment - it was a place of love where life was lived and shared.

In February 2009 I began to work as a Caregiver for Golden Moments Care Home, and in a short time I came to truly appreciate and value the Residents and family members we serve. I have had many jobs over the years and have never enjoyed my work as much as I do here at GMCH. Whether it be helping with an activity, or just being someone the Residents could talk to, it has become my second home, and has instilled in me a sincere passion for Elder Care.

In March 2010 I obtained my Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrator’s License. In my capacity at GMCH I have observed the different levels of care the elderly experience and require in their Golden years, and have striven to make a difference in their quality of life. As an administrator I am able to assist the owner in the management of her care program, a program founded on the principle importance of individualized care for each Resident to ensure that the Resident likes and dislikes are always taken into account (no matter their mental state), and the importance of socialization, personal and creative engagement, fun, conversation, and laughter.

Golden Moments, being a small facility specializing in Memory Care, has been a great fit, and gift for me. While the Home Care Industry can definitely be challenging at times, my philosophy is “treat every Resident like you would any of your loved ones”. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given to fully understand the importance of "quality of life" no matter what stage we are in our journey. The love, respect and compassion I have for the elderly run deep within me and underscores my commitment to make Golden Moments with every Resident that comes my way.