Friendly Steps to Follow for Residency

How to Become a Golden Moments Resident

Initially we suggest that you contact us to schedule a visit to view our Care Home where you can see for yourself our varied day program, and meet our current Golden Moments Residents and their Staff. You are welcome to visit on your own, or with family members. You can also request an informational packet (including our brochure, menus, and fee scale).

When you bring your loved one, we recommend coming at a time when they can easily engage with the activities (between 11:00am and 12:00pm or between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.) After joining us in an activity we hope you will stay and enjoy lunch or dinner with us.

You are welcome to visit for as long as you would like to participate, whether twenty minutes or several hours, and talk with other Residents, Staff, or a visiting family member.

After your tour, and you have decided to move forward with the Admitting process, the Administrators will work with you to complete paperwork regarding medical conditions, medications, likes and dislikes, and a life history and accomplishments. We will then schedule a convenient time to meet your loved one in their current environment.

During our meeting with your loved one we typically will take a low-key, casual and friendly approach since we have found this works best for most potential Residents, or we will work with you to decide the best approach based upon what you know works for them.

If at home, we may be introduced as one of your friends, if at another care environment (Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living or other Care home, we may be another care provider). If at a facility, we will speak with the Care Staff and review nursing chart notes, we will also request a skin check and go for a walk.

The ‘meet and greet’ may take up to a total of 3 hours. After the meeting, we will provide you with a Physician’s Report requiring a Tuberculosis (TB) test within the past year. The TB test results must be turned in prior to the start of admission. Once these items are completed we will schedule a time for you to fill out the Admission Paperwork (takes about 1 1/2 hours), and set a date for transfer to Golden Moments.

The best time for transfer is at 11:00 am sharp. An individualized Daily Care Note will be provided by us prior to transfer. When bringing your loved one’s belongings please label all hats, coats, clothes, and any other personal belongings with the Resident’s name. Payment is due the date of Admission Paperwork completion.

New Residents Can Expect a Very Positive Experience

For some Residents, coming to Golden Moments is viewed as a very positive experience where they are surrounded by people dedicated to their well being, with fellow Residents who understand them and their condition. Most Residents quickly realize that Golden Moments is a place to laugh and dance once more, enjoy music and exercise, and help out in meaningful ways while in a safe and supportive environment.

Maybe most importantly, Residents soon realize that they will be acknowledged and heard and validated, that they are okay and safe, are allowed to express themselves completely.

Others may initially resist coming to Golden Moments because any change in routine can be unsettling for persons with memory loss or frailty. And on occasion it may be necessary to infuse a little “therapeutic fibbing”, as the goal is always to get ahead of any potential anxiety for our Residents in transition to our care.

At first, your loved one may be anxious about being left at Golden Moments, and need reassurance that this is a” temporary arrangement” for rehabilitation, or while, “your home is having repairs made”. They may feel unsure about how to get help, such as finding the bathroom in time. This is where our loving care Staff come in to provide assurance and attention to their every need and want. The intimacy of our environment allows for hourly interaction with each Resident.

Even after the new routine is established and your loved one clearly feels happy and part of the community, be prepared for comments such as, “when can I go home?’ “why am I am here?” The Golden Moments Staff are trained and ready to help in these situations by discussing with families a common approach and system of replies that will best suit your loved one in each moment wonderment.

Because of the attention and care to creating a fostering familial environment most Residents will share sentiments in time such as “this is my home” or “I am staying here”.

Making Your Stay Here Feel More Like Home 

You are encouraged to bring some labeled photos or items such as awards, needlework, or garden flowers that your loved one feels proud about, which can be shown to others during introductions in the fitness circle.

Residents and families enjoy being at Golden Moments and often visit as they grow familiar with the program and the warm friendliness and enthusiasm of the Staff. One’s comfort level develops best when a daily routine of established activities with Staff and other Residents, and you will soon see the benefits of our care and understanding in your loved one’s life. Usually, after a few days at Golden Moments, our Residents find a new happiness in being part of this upbeat group and a feeling of being a part of a family.

The family of our Residents is often plesently surprised by the difference our care team can make in their loved one’s life, and often comment on their pleasure at mom or dad’s more positive outlook and favorable cognitive changes since coming to stay with us.

Some Residents have come to us by wheelchair, with pressure sores, dehydrated, malnourished and weak from lack of movement, however, we take great pride in helping our Residents to get back on their feet and healthy for a continued quality of life with us, or even back at home with the family. We are here for all of our beloved elders who need help in achieving renewed wellness.

We realize that just sharing with you that we have the best Senior Assisted Living experience is not enough, so please take a moment to find out for yourself by visiting us, and speak to our Golden Moments family Residents and Staff, or read the testimonials page, to learn more about the Golden Moments difference.

At Golden Moments Care Home we pride ourselves in giving our Special Care Residents a quality, active and enriched lifestyle. Our mission is to love and nourish the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each of our Residents and their families.

❤ To schedule a visit contact Denise Walker (Administrator/Licensee) at (916)-489-2578, or Kelly Conley (Administrator) at (916) 207-4264.

Every Day Care

  •  Two to three Staff per 6 Residents, so no one walks alone
  •  Hands-on assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, personal hygiene)
  •  Assistance with oral care
  •  Dry skin maintenance daily, lotion by our Staff daily
  •  Twenty-four hour memory care and supervision
  • Twenty-four hour medication management
  •  Awake Staff at night
  •  Hourly monitoring for changes in condition
  •  Creative, recreational, social and physical activities (Twice Daily)
  •  Three delicious home-cooked meals and three nutritious snacks daily (accommodations for special dietary needs)

Additional Benefits

  • Special events and outings
  •  Two home entertainment areas
  •  Spacious living and dining room
  •  Securely fenced yard with Patio and Lawn Seating
  •  Compassionate and loving Staff
  •  11 Staff working in 8-hour shifts
  •  Staff escort for Emergency room services should the need arise
  •  A strong advocate for Medical and Care Services

Additional Care

  • Personal body alarms and floor mat alarms for fall-prevention
  •  Transportation and escort to one medical appointment per calendar month ($70.00 charge for additional medical appts.)
  •  All personal hygiene needs (body soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.) * Incontinent supplies extra.
  •  Housekeeping and laundry services daily

You Are Taking an Important Step

By choosing Golden Moments, you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that your loved one will be surrounded by friendly companionship in a safe and enriching environment, and that you are taking a vitally important step to continue caring for your loved one—that is, you are taking care of yourself. Golden Moments offers Residents a sense of success and accomplishment through carefully designed activities and the friendship of other Residents, Staff and visiting family members.

At Golden Moments Care Home we pride ourselves in giving our Special Care Residents a quality, active and enriched lifestyle. Our mission is to love and nourish the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each of our Residents and their families.

* Additional charges for incontinent supplies and chronic behavioral concerns

Assisted Living Senior Care for Your Loved Ones

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