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One of the main concerns when providing care for the elderly patients is to assure that they can properly maintain good oral hygiene. We provide Treatment for many elderly patients at our office, which are under the care of a family member or a caregiver, and proper hygiene is always a challenge.

We have been providing care in our office for several patients under the care of Denise Walker and her staff at Golden Moments. Regardless of their advanced health concerns or physical state, these patients show proof of exceptional oral hygiene care by their caregivers.

At their appointments, Denise has shown interest in knowing the specific areas that need more attention and in following appointments, we have seen our recommendations followed by her and her staff.

During her patients’ visits at our office, we have not only seen proof of the meticulous dental care they provide at Golden Moments but have also witnessed the personal and loving touch which they provide for these patients.

Dr. Jack Harouni, DDS
Sacramento Spa Dentistry

Item Reviewed: Assisted Living Elderly Oral Hygiene Care Services

Our father lived at Golden Moments Care Home until his passing in April 2011. I can’t say enough positives about Denise and all the Staff there. They are angels! Our dad was not the easiest person in the world for us to manage, but they had him figured out right away and he thrived there, even leading arm exercises in the day room!

We would recommend Golden Moments Care Home to anyone! My family wishes we had found Golden Moments earlier than we did, having a negative experience at a large assisted living facility prior to coming to Golden Moments.

We echo all the other writers about the homey atmosphere, fun crafts and activities, expert personal care and attention, great food, pretty backyard area, and amazing family support.

We’d give them 10 stars!

Martha Pauli
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Exercise Activites, Routines & Supportive Care

This Care Home exemplifies the word “Care.” The Staff is invested in the well-being of each Resident. There are always activities taking place, including physical and mental stimulation and socialization.

There is generous Staffing to foster individual attention to the Residents’ needs. Family needs are also a consideration. Meals are served in a pleasant environment and are appetizing in appearance. The environment is very warm and nurturing for all.

Trudy Mazer
RN Case Manager
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Physically & Mentally Stimulating Activities & Personalized Care

Several years ago my mother was living at a large assisted living residence. It was really a beautiful setting, with lots of amenities and activities, and she enjoyed living there, but when she needed more care and it was recommended that she move to the facility’s memory unit. We found the place to be a bit sterile and so we looked at other options. Finding Golden Moments Care Home was a godsend.

The house is truly a home – it’s cozy, comfortable and clean. This is due primarily to the wonderful Staff – they are very caring and professional. In addition to the dedicated Staff, what makes Golden Moments so special is its owner, Denise Walker, who purchased the home and established it as a way of caring for her parents, both of whom were battling with dementia.

Denise takes a great personal interest in all the Residents, even accompanying them to their doctors’ appointments and assisting relatives in advocating for their loved ones. Like most of us, my mom has her moments (a/k/a “challenging behaviors”) but Denise and the Staff know her for the wonderful and funny person she is, and care for her with love and respect, for which I am very, very grateful.

David Porter
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Personalized & Loving Dementia Care Services

I have known Denise for over 12 years after she became a client and FATE helped her when her father was in an acute hospital in Sacramento. I got to know Denise very well. Denise took very good care of her father and was also caring for her mother who suffers with dementia.

After Denise’s father died, she decided to open a Care Home to continue caring for her mother and to also care for others who suffer with dementia. I have referred many clients to Denise for possible placement in her Care Home and as of today, I have never received a complaint about the care being provided by Denise and her devoted caregivers.

If I had to place a family member in a Residential Care Home, I would hope that Denise would have room for my relative. She is a loving and caring person who treats her clients like her own family.

Carole Herman
President – Foundation Aiding The Elderly – FATE
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Quality Staff & Attentive Dementia Care Services

This place is wonderful! The house is very well kept, clean and does not smell like a facility or nursing home. As a person with a high sensitivity to smells and odors, I can honestly say this Care Home is the first one I’ve ever visited that does not smell like a Facility or Nursing Home.

Honestly, I smell home cooking most of the time. Everything about this Care Home is a 5-star rating in my opinion: safety, security, accommodations, hygiene, well trained Staff, exercises, mobility, arts & crafts, games, group activities, healthy and customized diet plans, travel to and from medical appointments, detailed care notes, med techs, privacy, holiday events and celebrations, open floor plan for daily interaction, experienced and professional management /ownership, and centrally located.

Ownership, management and Staffing are always friendly, assertive, compassionate and understand the special care needed for the elderly and those who suffer from all stages of dementia. I can’t say enough about this Care Home and the Staffing. Once you tour this Care Home and tour other Care Homes, the decision will be very simple.

Joyce Mcglone
Friend of Resident
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Clean, Safe, Assisted Living Home – Well trained & Experienced Staff – Exciting Daily Activities & Routines

I managed large Assisted Living facilities for 13 years and had low respect for the small 6 bed Care Homes. I left the AL field and started selling real estate with my wife 2 years ago. We met Denise W. around this time and spoke in length about her Care Home “Golden Moments Care Home”. As we wanted a Care Home to recommend to our clients we asked to see the home and talk with the care staff. Was I ever surprised.

The caregivers had all been their many years and loved their jobs. They were singing and dancing with the Residents when we arrived and by the time we left they were playing a game with them. The manager, who was excellent, showed us around and explained why she loved working here, and why she came back on days off and evenings just because she wanted to.

I was so impressed with her and with her Staff that we recommend this Care Home anytime we hear of a need. I was particularly impressed with some of their procedures such as helping everyone to the restroom and offering this help on a regular basis to all of the Residents.

There is also mats at each bed which are activated each evening which lets the caregiver on duty know if someone gets up in the night, so they may be assisted to the bathroom or wherever they decide to go.

Brent Vockrodt
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Experinced, Attentive, Fun Staff & 24 Hour Care

To anyone considering a care facility for your loved one — Because of the extraordinary care that my father, Gene Muehleisen, received in his nearly year-long stay at Golden Moments, I highly recommend you visit and meet the Staff at this care facility.

My father displayed increasing signs of Alzheimer’s’s disease, which resulted in the need to place him in an assisted living environment. My father was a Golden Moments Resident, from Dec. 2008 through Nov. 2009. One of the aspects of Golden Moments that I found particularly appealing is that they limit the number of beds to 6, which is a great advantage for the Residents.

When deciding where I could place my father, I visited a number of excellent larger care facilities, but ultimately decided on Golden Moments because of its more intimate setting and its significantly better Staff-to-Resident ratio.

The Golden Moments team is fantastic! The owner, Denise, has such a wonderful heart for caring for the Residents and for serving their needs. Starting with a heart for loving the elderly is clearly the right source for developing a fabulous care facility. Golden Moment’s Administrator, Kelly Conley is outstanding! Denise is one of the most passionate elder advocates I have ever met.

They also travel with the Residents to their doctor appointments and hospital visits to ensure that they are treated appropriately based on their conditions and that they receive the highest quality of care possible when outside of the care facility itself. Most care facilities do not provide this level of service and advocacy when Residents are outside of the facility. Golden Moments excels in this area!

The rest of the Staff is wonderful as well, and they provided him with excellent care. These women truly have a heart for caring for the elderly. Not only that, but they have all become like family, a quality that is truly nurtured at Golden Moments. I heartily recommend Golden Moments to anyone looking for a top-notch care facility for a family member and/or loved one.

John Muehleisen
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Family-Like Owner & Caregiving Staff Providing Personalized Dementia Care Services

The decision to place a family member in a care facility is not an easy one. We looked at both large and small operations; the large facilities were ruled out as being too impersonal. What drew the family to Golden Moments was the loving and happy staff.

All of the Care Home’s our family visited were clean and served wholesome and nutritious meals. Golden Moments, however, at the first visit, had that caring feeling from all of the staff, that our Dad would be in good hands. We have that same feeling now after several months.

Golden Moments has been excellent in working with our Dad’s doctors in determining which medicines and dosage were effective. The staff worked with our Dad as an individual, rather than a “one size fits all” mentality in other facilities. Since coming to Golden Moments, it’s like Dad has a new lease on life… He laughs, smiles, talks more, and actually participates in the activities.

His happiness quotient has increased 10-fold since coming to Golden Moments. They say that moving the elderly from place to place can aggravate some, but I am here to tell you that it’s okay to move your loved one to Golden Moments, the personal attention and love provided by the staff has definitely improved Dad’s quality of life and made a huge difference with the family.

We no longer worry about Dad, because we know he is in excellent hands.

Dave Brown
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Loving Caregiving Staff Providing Nutritous Meals, Engaging Fun, & Individual Attention

It is with pleasure that I am writing to recommend the assisted living services of the Golden Moments Care Home in Sacramento.

I have known Denise Walker in a professional capacity for many years, and feel confident in recommending her facility and staff to my patients who will benefit from assisted living services.

On several occasions Denise Walker has solicited my advice, both personally and by way of photos through email, on matters concerning her residents, alerting me promptly, and with great detail of any medical condition changes. Denise Walker accompanies residents to the hospital for emergencies and remains with them and their family which I feel is representative of a staff that genuinely cares about their residents.

The Golden Moments Care Home’s provision of twenty-four-hour care and medication management is an important support service that ensures residents receive the necessary attention to their personal and medical needs.


William Carrasco, MD
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Item Reviewed: Assisted Living Residential Memory Care Facility Services

My dad has lived in Golden Moments Care Home for over 2 1/2 years. He has mobility issues, diabetes and mild dementia requiring close monitoring and medication management.

The Staff is so amazing, my dad requires a great deal of care (as do all elderly), and this care is well provided–whether it is 2:00 pm or 2:00 am.

Our favorite things about Golden Moments Care Home are the fun, loving, attentive and caring Staff plus all of the activities they have my dad involved in throughout the day. He is never left alone in his room, or just sitting in front of a TV all day.

My mom lives around the corner and enjoys her visits with dad, the Staff, and the other Residents. On occasion, she will join them for lunch, dessert and sometimes participates with them in their exercise and/or their music program.

Golden Moments Care Home is a true miracle for my family, We are so grateful! They are reliable and professional. They really go the extra mile on all aspects of the top-notch care they provide. I don’t know what we would have done without them.

Linn Williams
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Mobility, Diabetes, Mild Dementia and Medication Management.

My mother in law has lived with Golden Moments for the past two years. We feel very lucky to have such a resource in town.

The Staff is professional as well as caring and helpful both to the Residents and the extended family. Extra touches include holiday meals on site where all the families participate and detailed emails on any changes of care from the director.

Residents are encouraged to use both mind and bodies to the extent possible. It is not a facility, it is a home; a very clean home at that! There is a relaxed atmosphere but a constant sense of awareness of Residents needs. Our family member has done extremely well with Golden Moments.

I wish more facilities had their common sense and compassion coupled with the professionalism that exists there.

Judy Painter
Daughter-in-Law of Resident
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Assisted Living Care Home Staff, Atmosphere & Activities

Denise W. is an amazing, caring and loving young woman! She was a neighbor and friend who assisted my husband’s 95-year-old aunt following her hospitalization. Although Denise did not have a vacancy at her home she found placement for his aunt nearby and continued to assist her for 4-5 months until her death.

This was a very time-consuming job as she is very busy with her own Residents at Golden Moments. Aunt Skip was not always easy to deal with as she was a wonderful but feisty 95-year old who wanted to live independently until she was 110 years old! Denise established a very special relationship with her and eased her transition to assisted living so that although Skip continued to talk about “going home” she settled in and seemed quite content.

We recently spent a week in Sacramento closing Skip’s home and had the opportunity to visit Denise and her Residents at Golden Moments. They were clean and well dressed and were busy doing exercises. Her home appeared clean and pleasant as well as “homey”.

As long as Denise is the owner of this home I have no doubt that her Residents will be well cared for and treated as one of her own family. She cares for each and every one of them and treats them with their well-deserved respect.

Although no one would choose to leave their home for assisted living, I would be happy to recommend Golden Moments.

Tookey Mackey
Care Home Visitor

Item Reviewed: Assisted Living Owner & Homey Environment

My mom has been living at Golden Moments for two years now and we are grateful for the excellent care she has received. Denise and the Staff are both caring and professional. They are always accommodating and have kept us apprised of Mom’s personal and medical progress and challenges on a timely basis. If you have a loved one in need of care, I highly recommend you consider Golden Moments.

Cary Porter

Item Reviewed: Assisted Living Care Home Staff & Atmosphere

My father has resided at Golden Moments Care Home since March 1st, 2009. He is now 93 years old and feels very much at home. Whenever we visit, he is well-rested, well-fed and ready to play Cribbage and Uno with his family.

My father has prostate cancer (since he was 76) and Alzheimer’s (since he was 83). He is doing remarkably well considering. He tells us he feels “fine!” each time we visit. More than that, he is loved and pampered by the most caring Staff I have ever experienced.

I have visited many homes and none even begin to compare with the quality of care given by the Staff. The Residents are treated as if they are family. I am kept apprised of my Father’s condition regularly. He is taken to and from all Doctor and Dentist appointments and kept in a good humor throughout.

I am so grateful to have found Golden Moments for my Dad. My Mother and Brother are equally grateful. I would recommend this HOME, not facility, to anyone who would ask me.

Alisa Delliquadri
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Alzheimer’s Care Services

I have visited Golden Moments on many occasions. The owner and Staff offer professional service and are very conscientious about the level of care they provide. The Residents and living environment are always clean. The food provided is fresh and prepared individually each meal.

A major emphasis is on memory care with the patients being actively engaged each day in exercises both physical and mental to provide stimulation. Health and safety is also a high priority for the Staff and the owner. All patients wear personal body alarms to alert the Staff of their movements.

There are always two Caregivers per shift to assist with transfers. The night shift Staff is awake and attends to regular incontinence needs. Most importantly is the owner’s commitment to the welfare of the residence.

All medication is monitored and dispensed at regular intervals. Transportation is provided to and from doctor appointments. In case of an emergency, the owner will advocate for the Resident with emergency services for the best care possible. If my loved ones needed more care than I could provide at home then I would be very comfortable having them placed at Golden Moments.

Eugene Turner
Care Home Visitor
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Memory Care Activities & Attentive Staff

Dear Denise & Staff: Our family appreciates your genuine care and concern for Cotton, from fixing his favorite foods to accompanying the family to his doctor’s appointments to make sure all concerns were addressed, and for him getting the best care possible.

The hardest part of leaving Sacramento was moving him to a new facility. Golden Moments takes the extra time and care that makes your facility truly special. We feel fortunate to have had Cotton in your care. Thank you so very much —We miss you all.

Jane Walthall & Family
Golden Moment’s Resident’s Family
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Loving Family-Like Attentive Staff & Quality Care

As a physical therapist working in the Sacramento area for more than 20 years, I have had the opportunity to visit patients in numerous skilled nursing and assisted living facilities and to work with the Staff of those facilities. Upon examination, it is quickly seen that they are not all created equal.

Many of these facilities meet only the minimum requirements in order to legally stay in business. There are others however that go out of their way to assure that their Residents enjoy a clean, pleasant, and stimulating environment. The Golden Moments Care Home is one of those quality facilities for several reasons.

The food is prepared by the Staff prior to each meal. The food is nutritious, served in ample quantities, and Residents are individually assisted in eating as needed. Care is taken to assure that Residents are individually assisted in eating as needed.

Care is taken to assure that Residents are bathed regularly and kept clean throughout the day. The Residents’ participation in personal hygiene is encouraged and they are assisted as needed. They are often taken outdoors as weather permits and taken to visit various interesting places in the area.

And in the unfortunate event that a loved one needs to be admitted to the hospital, Staff members visit the Resident regularly while they are hospitalized to assure that their needs are being met, just as a family member would. Should my own father or mother ever need assisted living services, The Golden Moments Care Home will be one of the first facilities I contact.

Douglas Hansen
Physical Therapist
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Eating, Bathing, Activities, Routines & Helpful Guidance

I have a patient who has been residing and receiving care at Golden Moments Care Home. She has received excellent and conscientious care and I believe she has done better there than when she was living at home with a Caregiver.

The Caregivers have been diligent about contacting me or seeking medical attention when the need arises. The Caregivers are easy to work with and communicate regularly with me. I would recommend this facility.

Kristina Kimiko Ishihara
MD, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Strong Staff Communication of Resdient’s Medical Needs

This is a letter of recommendation to anyone who is considering Golden Moments for a loved one. My Dad came to live at Golden Moments after having been in two other types of care facilities that proved unsatisfactory. Our family has been very pleased with the care and attention that Dad receives here at Golden Moments.

The Staff displays respect and genuine care for each of the Residents. They get to know the Residents and their families so they can provide personalized attention that suits their needs. They encourage the Residents to participate in activities to the best of their ability and provide lots of positive reinforcement. The Staff provides home-cooked, delicious, and generous food at mealtimes as well as snacks in between. Dad always enjoys mealtime at Golden Moments.

Our family went through a difficult and stressful time as Dad struggled in the previous care settings where he did not get the close attention and care he needed. We are appreciative of the care the Staff show for Dad and are relieved knowing that he is in good hands. We would be happy to answer questions for anyone who is thinking of moving a loved one to Golden Moments.

Ken & Linda Brown
Daughter & Family
Five Star Testimonial Review Rating for Golden Moments Care Home, Inc. in Sacramento, CA 95825.
Item Reviewed: Respectful, Family-Like Staff Delivering Personalized Care

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